Friday, January 9, 2009

CES2009-Day 1

Day one of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Literally miles of aisles reminiscent of the old Comdex in its hey day. Greg Smith, now of Juno, Alaska, joined Mike Ungerman and Hewie Poplock at the Excalibur for a breakfast buffet, and then we took the shuttle bus to the Sands Expo Center, which opened early at 8am. It was nice to still have my body on East Coast time so there was really no rush to get moving at 11am EST!

Here, I'm standing next to a clear computer case that's all plastic. Very fancy with a lot of LED's, but I have to wonder how everything is grounded without a metal case.

The Sands has a lot of small exhibitors, but many of the "gems" of CES can be found by wandering the aisles and talking to the folks marketing their products or new concepts. While walking past a vendor, PlanOn marketing a new hand held scanner, we noticed that he also had a very small, portable printer called the Printstik. Using a thermal roll of paper, it has an internal battery which can be charged by a USB cable or external transformer. The best part, as they say, is that the representative offered to sell us a demo printer on the spot, and we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to try this new printer now!

From CES2009-Day1

The day wrapped up with a computer building contest sponsored by CompUSA and Tiger Direct.


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