Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day -1

Today was a travel day. Orlando to Las Vegas via Denver. Staying at the Excalibur Hotel on a great deal from the Consumer Electronics Association for Integrators, Retailers and Buyers of tech. My business accomplishes this mission, so I qualified. Hewie Poplock (from the Central Florida Computer Society) and I are sharing the room, so Las Vegas is actually affordable.

After getting our Press credentials as bloggers, we headed to the Wynn Hotel for Center Stages registration and Welcome Party. After walking around the Wynn for awhile, we finally found the venue and signed in. We arrived just in time to catch the Keynote Address by Steve Balmer of Microsoft. Steve's big announcement is the release of Windows 7 Beta to the general public on Friday. Insiders on TechNet can download now. His main message is the integration of A/V and computer functionality as the development of the computer matches pace with the entertainment industry.

Tomorrow starts the hard core exposure to tech. Stay tuned.
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