Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gadgeteria From CES - 2

Balanzza's Digital Luggage Scale

This is a great gadget for travelers. It was especially for me at CES this year as I accumulated hand-outs, swag, and other bring backs from the show. I had no idea, sitting in my hotel room, if my bags were going to be overweight or not. Luckily, at the Last Gadget Standing, press conference, I won a Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale in the first trivia question during one of the breaks. How did I ever do without one of these?

It's very simple to use. Under the hand shown on the left, in the center of the back of the device, is a strap hooked to the strain gauge inside. You merely wrap the strap around the handle of your luggage after turning on the scale, and lift it up. In about a second, you'll hear a beep and the weight is locked in. You can view the weight in pounds or kilograms.

We had a box that we had picked up at the convention center as a 3rd on board baggage article. To weigh it, we used the small, lightweight luggage cart that we had with us, weighing it first, and then putting the box on the cart, weighing the total and subtracting the two. Everything was within limits, but had we not had this device, we would not have known until we arrived at the airport with the possible delays of having to buy another suitcase for a potential overage.

There are three models (The new The Balanza, Blanza Ergo and Balanza Ergo Too. Check them all out at
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