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ZeeVee’s ZvBox Does HD Streaming Over Coax

Users can view content from computer on all HDTVs in a home

May. 01, 2008 — by Steve Crowe

ZeeVee has launched its ZvBox media streamer, allowing users to watch Internet TV, online video, or computer content on all the HDTVs in a home.

The ZvBox connects the monitor output of the computer and turns it into a HDTV channel called Zv.

There are no subscription fees with the ZvBox and you can use the existing cable wiring.

ZvBox also allows viewing of other applications including email, web browsing, photos, music, home movies, and the computer’s DVD player.

“ZvBox closes the huge gap that has existed between HDTVs, which have the best viewing experience, and the computer, which provides virtually unlimited content options and many applications already in use by consumers,” says ZeeVee co-founder and CEO Vic Odryna.

“Instead of the walled garden world of set-top box solutions, ZvBox opens up the entire universe of Internet video and computer applications, where innovation usually happens first.

“And since ZvBox provides a duplication of what you see on your monitor, anything you can do on your computer you can now do on your HDTVs.”

ZeeVee also has a new wireless remote—the ZvRemote—which controls playback with an integrated touchpad.

The ZvBox retails for $499. It’s available at for $366.47.

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