Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Phoenix Instant Boot BIOS Starts Loading the OS in Under a Second

System BIOS vendor Phoenix Technology, the company behind the popular Award BIOS software found on several PC motherboards, has come up with a new highly-optimized implementation of UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), that can boot the OS in under one second. This cuts time of the arbitrary 5~15 second (typical) POST process. With this time saved, system startup times are significantly reduced. Startup times are further reduced by the optimized startup procedure on Windows 7.

To put this to test, a Dell Adamo notebook with the technology, was able to reach the Windows Desktop in 20 seconds from the push of the power button, while Lenovo T400 notebooks with faster SSDs reached the Desktop in under 10 seconds. The technology should be out pretty soon.

{Source: TechPowerUP}


  1. I have heared that it boots in 10 second for windows 7. Is it correct? Please provide more information over it.

  2. We're all waiting anxiously to see what this technology portends. Wouldn't it be nice if all computers could boot within even 1 minute?

    Until then, enable hibernation features (be sure to have a good backup) or use standby, and you'll be up and running very quickly.


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