Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pioneer Phones Home with new ETAP Networking Product

Pioneers new magic "ET" box they demoed at CEDIA was out of this world. Pioneer's ETAP focus is downloading, streaming and storage of personal media with a home theater approach to delivering networked media in the living room. Think Media PC without the PC. The ability to copy what they refer to as “content managed Blu-ray discs” is pretty awesome. The Pioneer reps also talked about the ability of stacking up to 14 hard drives for an almost limitless data storage and streaming solution. During the demo, we watched Blu-ray discs streamed to an iPhone which was icing on this dream cake we are all wanting to take a bite from. Best of all, it seems the retail price is targeted to be less than their flagship Blu-ray player (around $1500-$2k). Availability is uncertain, but you can expect consumers lining up to the door when they start shipping.
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