Thursday, September 24, 2009

SocialToo Launches Anti-Virus Solution for Twitter

Viruses and worms are rampant on the web. Until only recently this has been a big problem on your PC. Surely, you wouldn’t think of running your computer without an anti-virus solution, but what about the viruses and worms spreading throughout the social networks you belong to? While they may not directly affect your computer, they can cause just as much damage, including: identity theft, stealing of your private and financial information, takeover of your accounts, and embarrassing situations!

Recently a worm is propagating through Twitter direct messages (DMs) trying to trick unsuspecting members into thinking it’s a legitimate message from a friend. SocialToo is launching automatic anti-virus solutions for Twitter and other social networks.

Read Guy Kawasaki's blog for instructions on how to configure Twitter to take advantage of DM filtering and spam control.
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