Sunday, September 13, 2009

Walking HotSpot Turns Mobile Phone Into WiFi Hotspot

WalkingHotSpot is a patent pending solution that is affordable, secure and simple to use! It transforms 3G/Wi-Fi™ S60 or Windows Mobile smartphones into hotspots that enable multiple devices (i.e. laptops, MP3 players) to connect to the Internet anywhere there is mobile network coverage.

  • Connectivity Anywhere - Connectivity to the internet anywhere you can make a phone call
  • Low Cost - No additional hardware needed! Just you, your smartphone, one data plan from your carrier / operator, and a low one-time fee for WalkingHotSpot
  • Easy Setup - No additional software needed on your laptop, just start WalkingHotSpot and connect to it from your laptop like you would any other WLAN hotspot
  • Multiple Connections - Flexible with up to five(5) simultaneous connections … a true hotspot!
At present, any smartphone with either the Windows Mobile version 6 or higher or Symbiain S60 3rd edition and higher are supported.

Two plans are available; either a monthly pass for $6.99 or a lifetime, one cell phone, plan for $24.99.
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