Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WebTView Brings Internet to Your TV

The WebTVPlug™ is an innovative plug-sized device that quickly and easily connects to your home network and enables you to access a wide range of Internet TV content and Online Videos from any end user device connected to the home network.

The WebTVPlug™ eliminates the need to setup PC-to-TV connectivity. The WebTVPlug™ supports industry standard protocols and as such is able to bypass the PC, acting as the mediator between the Internet and end devices. For this reason, the WebTVPlug™ is a true plug-n-play solution requiring zero-configuration. Simply connect it to your home network and turn it on. Any device, such as a Media Player, PC, STB, Broadband TV, iPhone or gaming console that is connected to the home network, is now also connected to a world of Internet content.

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