Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple announces the iPad, 16GB for $499, 32GB for $599, 64GB for $699

Apple today introduced the iPad, although it's not yet available for order in the Apple Store. The 0.5"-thick tablet weighs 1.5 lbs. and touts a 9.6" LCD (IPN) display. It features built-in Bluetooth and 802.11n connectivity, accelerometer, and compass, and will be available in sizes from 16GB to 64GB. Models with AT&T 3G support will also be available ($14.99/month for 250MB data, $29.99/month for unlimited, with no contract for either.) It uses a proprietary 1GHz Apple processor; the battery is purported to feature up to 10 hours of runtime (or at least a month of standby). Most existing apps in the Apple App Store are supported, although they'll run either as a tiny box in the center of the screen or in a 2:1 pixel-doubled mode. More information will be posted as its made available. The base models are shipping within 60 days; the 3G models will ship 30 days after that. The iPads:
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