Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ooma Introduces New VOIP Service at CES

I visited Ooma's booth and spoke to their sales rep while at CES. They are a VOIP (voice over IP) company whose catch is a one time fee to purchase the hardware (essentially a telephone adapter that connects to your router) and unlimited domestic telephone calling in the home from any telephone attached to the device. Their quality is good enough that they support FAX. You pay about $17 a year for federal excise tax, etc.; they pay the first year's worth in your initial fee.  They also offer advanced features and add-on hardware for a fee (of course,) including HD audio and a second line for $10 a month.  They say they will have a bluetooth adapter for your cell phone (use it in the home to make calls "off network" for free), and an iPhone app (not exactly how that works, but if you have wifi active and their adapter is on the network, it's supposed to make "free" calls.)

Since they're a startup, it remains to be seen how well they do and how long they last (obviously you'd like to amortize the approx $249 for equipment over more than one year.)

Direct link is: http://www.ooma.com/
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