Thursday, February 25, 2010

3D TV now available for purchase!

Well, they beat the March estimate! 3D TV is now available for purchase. Of course the first ones are expensive. We knew that at CES. Just like the first HD LCD panels were expensive (mine retailed for 4,995, but I waited until it sold for $1,000 less on sale a year, sigh, they're below $2,000.)

So, have patience; 3D programming is still a bit off....but not far.  And my recommendation stands, if you're thinking of making an investment in a home theater setup, be sure that what you get is 3D capable, because a year or so from now, you're going to want it as more and more sources show up for 3D media.

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Samsung's first Full HD 3D TV now available in the US, all 55 inches of it
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