Monday, March 8, 2010

Apple Debuts iPad Ad During Oscars

Apple Debuts iPad Ad During Oscars: "

Unlike the Superbowl, no one watches the Academy Awards show just for the commercials. That said, in spite of Cablevision's best attempts, plenty of people watch the Oscars last night, commercials and all. And the awards show was the venue Apple chose to show off the first commercial for its shiny new gadget.

The iPad, which finally got an official release date (April 3rd, pre-orders starting March 12th), was the subject of a typically snazzy 30-second spot that ran down a litany of the device's features, all from the safety of an anonymous user's lap.

The big man himself, Steve Jobs, also reportedly made an appearance at the Oscars, taking a moment to appear in the Twitpic of a mohawked fellow showgoer (taken with a Palm Pre, we assume). "
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