Monday, June 14, 2010

New Xbox Announced: $299, Slim Profile, 250 GB HD

New Xbox Announced: $299, Slim Profile, 250 GB HD:
Rumor: Project Natal Could Be Renamed 'Kinect', Xbox 360 Slim On The WayMicrosoft ended its E3 press conference today with a bombshell: A new Xbox, with a slimmer profile and built in wi-fi will be on store shelves later this week.

The new Xbox has a 250 GB hard-drive, and was called "whisper quiet." It will sell for $299.

Channeling Oprah a bit, Microsoft also announced that the entire audience at their E3 press event would be sent one of the new 360s. Amazing, right? Thanks for the generosity, Microsoft!

Interestingly, Microsoft did not mention a price for the Kinect device at the conference. I wonder why not? Care to speculate in our comment section? Or guess a price-point?
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