Monday, June 7, 2010

Study Looks at Tablet Trends

Study Looks at Tablet Trends: "RetrevoiPad.jpgWith the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference today, Retrevo thought it would be a good time to unveil its latest tech shopping study. This time the site is looking at the iPad and iPhone.

The site asked over 1,000 non-Retrevo customers what phone they planned to buy this year, and over 20 percent said an iPhone. If that holds up, says Retrevo, it's going to be a hot year for Apple.

Retrevo also wanted to know if the iPad could be stopped, or if it has too much of a lead already. Would you buy an Android tablet over at iPad, the study asked? The majority, 53 percent, said they'd get an Android tablet if it was less expensive than the iPad. So there you go, price is again king. Think about that, Google, when you market your Google TV products.
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