Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Streaming & Blogging from CES 2011

Live video streaming From CES 2011:

Live Tech Podcasts

Available from many sources. Here are some of those that I have compiled:

CrunchGear's streaming live coverage of the CES Aisles

CNET's live coverage every day!Includes many of the press conferences live.

TechPodcasts Live: Starting Thursday at 8:00/P9:00M/10:00C/11:00E A.M.

Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline: Should be broadcasting all through CES.

This Week In Tech (TWIT) TV: with Leo Laporte and friends: periodic webcasts from CES. Rumored to be blogging from Showstoppers, an exclusive press event at CES.

CNET's 'live' blogs. CNET will be blogging at many of the press conferences in near real time.
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