Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is a Sandy Bridge in Your Near Future?

Still watching and waiting to see what develops. I would think that Intel would sponsor some kind of deep discounts when the fix is out to encourage new sales.


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via Maximum PC - All Articles by Justin Kerr on 2/6/11

Sandy BridgeWe are willing to bet that the Intel Sandy Bridge chipset flaw impacted Maximum PC readers more than just about anyone else out there, but a group of Best Buy representatives contacted by CNET also feel particularly hard done by. As one of the biggest PC OEM retailers in North America, Best Buy claims it was ready to go with print advertisements, and was already deep into new product training by the time the problem was discovered.
A quick peek at the Google cache doesn’t show many Sandy Bridge options for sale as of Monday when the Intel announcement was made, but the retailer claims several SKU’s from all the major manufacturers had to be pulled at the last minute to avoid recall headaches down the line.
 It’s a shame that Sandy Bridge is receiving so much bad press over chipset issues when the actual CPU itself is a remarkable piece of silicon. We have no doubt Best Buy was inconvenienced by this whole mess, but we expect Intel to take the brunt of the financial burden, and find some way to make it up to partners in the long run.
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