Monday, October 31, 2011

Should SSD's be used to store the Windows pagefile?

After thinking about this for some time, I came across the following that I had printed out a year ago and just forgot from the G.Skill Tech Support for their SSD's:

Should the Page File be placed on SSDs?

Yes. Most pagefile operations are small random reads or larger sequential writes, both of which are types of operations that SSDs handle well.

In looking at telemetry data from thousands of traces and focusing on pagefile reads and writes we find that:

-Pagefile.sys reads outnumber pagefile.sys writes by about 40 to 1
-Pagefile.sys read sizes are typically quite small, with 67% less than or equal to 4kb, and 88% less than 16kb.
-Pagefile.sys writes are relatively large, with 62% greater than or equal to 128kb and 45% being exactly 1mb in size.

In fact, given typical pagefile reference patterns and favorable performance characteristics, SSDs have on those patterns, there are few files better than the pagefile to place on an SSD.

So, for my new computer, I am putting two SSD's in it. One, a 20gb SLC IBM SSD to act as cache under the Z68 chipset of the motherboard, and the second allocated almost entirely to the pagefile.sys file. I'll set min and max sizes the same and make sure no other drives in the computer have a pagefile set on them through the control panel.  Should be interesting.
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