Thursday, January 5, 2012

HP Wireless TV Connect with WHDI

Not a new announcement, but recent enough to warrant coverage here, the HP Wireless TV Connect uses wireless HDI to stream content from any computer with an HDMI output to any high definition TV with a spare HDMI input.  It saves having a long cable from your notebook or a computer in another room close-by.

  • Share photos and video content in HD: wirelessly stream hi-def 1080p multimedia content from your PC to your home entertainment center

  • Set up fast: just connect the PC and TV adapters to your HDMI laptop and HDMI TV; there's no software or drivers to install

  • System requirements: laptop with available HDMI and USB port; TV/entertainment system or monitor with available HDMI port

  • Available from the HP online store for approx $150. Link here:
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