Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seen at CES: Boxee Box Live TV dongle coming soon

Streaming television programs over the Internet to your TV has been a capability offered by a number of set-top boxes and in now integrated into many of the new TV panels. Boxee Box has provided a set-top box capability for over a year now with partners like NetFlix, Vudu, and archived TV shows and movies.

Now Boxee Box has incorporated a live, over the air, tuner as a plug-in to their device which enables high definition TV, free, if you can receive it with an antenna in your local area.  One can almost cut the cable, so to speak, and get their fill of the major networks as well as cable-like movies and services. The TV dongle will be available this month (Jan 2012) for $49.  A Boxee Box sells for retail $179.99.  Of course, some of the streaming services have monthly fees too, so you'll have to compare the total price to what cable or satellite TV would cost you.
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