Monday, March 19, 2012

My Review of Roku 2 XS Streaming Player

Originally submitted at Roku
Adds an enhanced remote for playing games, plus extra connectivity options.

Will not connect through my router
By Mike2977 from Orlando, Fl on 3/19/2012
1out of 5
Pros: Built in Wi-Fi, High quality picture
Cons: Inconsistent performance, Difficult to set up, Router Problems
Best Uses: Living room, Home theater
Describe Yourself: Early adopter, Netflix fan, Technophile, Home entertainment enthusiast
After using a different model of Roku, I decided I wanted the 1080p model and one with an ethernet connection; which led to the Roku 2 XS, the only model with an ethernet jack.

Initial setup failed when it would not connect via cable or wifi. Testing with a direct connection to my cable modem worked and updated software, but when re-connecting to the router, would not connect.

Spent about an hour and a half with Roku technical support (in a third world country,) and was unable to resolve the problem. Unit returned to Amazon the next day for a refund.

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