Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bright House DVR's Won't Record Long Cable Broadcasts

So this morning I wanted to see what I had started recording last night on my Bright House DVR, and I saw that the program that started at 5am had not recorded.  I switched to the live NBC channel (WESH ch 1020 in the Orlando area) and saw the women's bicycle races were running. I pressed record on my controller and got an error, "Not permitted to record." I've never seen that before.

I checked my space on the DVR and had at least 50% left.

I called Bright House technical support and a very nice agent told me that since the program was longer than 8 hours, the DVR's would not record it. I asked why, given that I have an external drive plugged in and have 50% of my space left. She said that it was a Bright House problem and that "they are working on it."


Well at least my 3D recordings have been made. I got the opening ceremony and yesterday's events. When I'll watch them will depend on when I get a 3D TV or whether this cable box goes out before I do, since one cannot save the programs on the hard drives when switching boxes.
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