Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thinking of Getting a New Tablet?

Thinking of getting a new tablet? I see questions being asked all over the place, "What should I get?" Android? Apple? Microsoft?

Everyone will have their own opinion as to what is best, but I came across this great site that had tons of data so you can make your own decision:

Link: (via

Bottom line: visit a store and get hands on with a tablet yourself. Best Buy usually has the leading suppliers.  If you have a CompUSA near you, they have displays too. The shopping warehouses usually do too: Costco, Sam's Club, BJ's.  If there is a Microsoft Store near you, it may be the only place you can get hands on a Surface right now.

Another factor may be the type of phone you use, especially if it's a smart phone. If you have an Apple iPhone, then you're more likely to want an Ipad since it's essentially the same operating system and user interface. Similar comments if you have an Android phone. And if you have a Windows phone or are getting a device with Windows 8 on it, you may want to consider Microsoft's Surface since it is a similar interface.

But get hands on and do your research.
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