Monday, December 23, 2013

True Multi-tasking on a Moto X with Jelly Bean

I got a real look at the latest smart phone with Android multi-tasking yesterday.

I have a new Moto X from Republic Wireless ($10 a month plan unless I up it to full 4G, but that's another story.)
I was browsing YouTube on my computer and found some nice Christmas lights and music and really like them, so I decided to move to the family room and watch YouTube on my PS3 attached to my large screen TV and audio system.
After watching a few of the videos, a pop-up from Google on the PS3 app said that I could control YouTube better by bringing YouTube up on my smart phone, find what I wanted to watch, click on a button that would then send the YouTube video via my wifi home network to the PS3 (or other smart TV app for YouTube) and watch live.
I had known that Google was working on this capability, but it was the first time I had tried it with my new Moto X. So nice displays and music playing away and I decided to check my mail on the phone. No problem, the streaming continued as I checked my mail. One of the emails was an alert that the CES app on my phone (Consumer Electronics Show that I'm attending in Las Vegas in January) needed updating, so I went to my home screen, Google Play Store and started downloading the update, all the time that the streaming continued, and my email was updating in the background.
Then I got an incoming phone call. On my Verizon based HTC Thunderbolt, that would be the weak point, and I would lose everything but the phone call, but the Moto X merrily continued streaming, the email continued to update, the CES app continued to download updates for the show and I was talking for about 5 minutes. Oh yes, Facebook was sending me alerts too, and while talking I switched to Facebook and saw the new posts.
So true multi-tasking (not switching as some 'other brands' accomplish) has come to Android; at least on the Moto X with Jelly Bean.  I'm impressed, and I haven't checked to see what the limits are for apps running at the same time, nor how many streaming videos and audios I can have running at the same time too.
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