Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3D TV: Not Dead Yet, and Getting Better

​3D TV: Not Dead Yet, and Getting Better | Variety #CES2014
It was interesting to see the contrast in emphasis by the manufacturers of high definition TV at CES. Very little mention of 3D and very little emphasis by content providers of 3D content. I continue to want 3D and the ability to upconvert to 3D in an UHD panel in my home; that may be pushing me to purchase one of today's UHD sets with passive 3D (LG) so that I'm ensured of receiving that capability.

I did see several sets at CES that were "auto-stereo" 3D, but you had to stand in a sweet spot to see the effects and frankly they made me dizzy.  So the industry is several years away from a satisfactory solution to glasses free 3D retail sets.
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