Monday, January 6, 2014

Day Zero at CES 2014: Let the Tech Begin

I came to Las Vegas a day earlier than I usually do for CES.  I also decided to stay at an airport hotel and rent a car; something I haven't done in the past, relying on busses, monorail and taxis for transportation. So this will give me something new to try out at CES.

Today is the last day for all the exhibitors to get ready for the hoards of people expected Tuesday. I heard one estimate that 160,000 might attend.

I went over to the Las Vegas Convention Center, parked the car, and walked around the Central Hall.

The halls look pretty empty, but tomorrow they'll be overflowing with attendees from all over the world.

One of the benefits of attending CES is the amount of printed material that is offered for free.  There are magazine stands at all the entrances with tech writings of interest to just about everyone. No way I'll be able to read it all, but I did pick up a few interesting periodicals.

I then went over to the Riviera where Storage Visions 2014, a high end storage conference, was being held. I had an exhibits only pass that I had encountered on the Internet several months ago, so I figured I'd see what was there. Three vendors stood out:

Transporter: Set up your own cloud storage for under $100 (

Nanotech Entertainment: They are working on distribution of Ultra High Display media with a simple set top box. As the newer TV's become more commonplace, sources of UHD media will become critical. They're working arrangements with some of the present day vendors of streaming media; I look forward to seeing how successful they are. (

Drivesavers: I've seen a number of companies that offer drive recovery services.  I spent a few minutes talking to Chris Brass, who convinced me that they have the capability to recover lost data from crashed devices including hard drives, SSD's, mobile device storage (including iPads, other tablets, cell phones and media players.) (
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