Sunday, January 1, 2017

Google Photos Tip to Gain More Storage

Did you know that Google Photos gives you unlimited storage for your photos online if you save them in "high quality" compressed format? It's actually a reduced size from the original storage location on your phone, tablet or computer, but ideal for viewing and sharing via email or social media.

Picasa users may have synchronized their computer's photos in full size or reduced size (actually larger than the Google Photos high quality size.) Review the albums in Picasa that you have synchronized to PicasaWeb or Google Photos, and set the size of the photos to "Original Size Images." Then follow the following instructions to change Google Photos storage to high quality.

Open your computer's browser and go to In the resulting menu, choose "Recover Storage."  Google will convert all your full size images to high quality. The process may take awhile (mine said several hours,) but will free up space that you can use for videos or other files you may wish to store in the cloud on Google Drive.

Here's a link to Google Photos Help on this subject with some additional Q & A:
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